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Indiana University

IU South Bend Departmental Listings

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Student Services, Office of
574-520-4270 Information  AI 104X
574-520-4641 FAX - Student Services, Office of AI 104X
Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of the
574-520-4477 Associate Vice Chancellor Student Services  Karen L White AI 104A
574-520-4662 Director of Retention Initiatives  (vacant) AI 118A
574-520-4273 Secretary to Associate Vice Chancellor  Janet A Kujawa AI 104X
Academic Centers for Excellence
574-520-5022 Information  AI 120
574-520-4823 Director, Academic Centers for Excellence  Virginia Heidemann AI 117C
574-520-4251 Tutorial Services Administrator  (vacant) AI 120D
574-520-4665 Math Tutoring Center Administrator / Lecturer in Mathematics  Kyle Schwieterman AI 118B
574-520-4195 Learning Strategies Specialist / Lecturer in Education  Kathleen Sullivan AI 118C
574-520-4302 Writer's Room Administrator / Lecturer in English  Joshua Rubin AI 120E
Career Services
574-520-4425 Information   AI 104
574-520-4435 Associate Director  Kim Moore AI 109
574-520-4438 Career Coach: Employer Relations and Data Specialist  Maureen Green AI 108
574-520-4436 Career Coach  Thomas Brown, Jr. AI 107
Disability Support Services
574-520-4832 Director, Disability Support Services  Jim Hasse AI 113
574-520-4256 Learning Disability Specialist  Anne M Drake AI 112
574-520-4460 Disability Support Services Representative  Lysa Winston AI 104X
Making the Academic Connection
574-520-4342 Recruitment / Retention Counselor  (vacant) AI 107
574-520-4361 Recruitment / Retention Counselor  Cynthia A Murphy AI 108
574-520-4479 Recruitment / Retention Counselor  AI 111
Office of Student Conduct
574-520-5524 Director  Laura Whitney AI 177H
574-520-5524 Secretary  Laura McCormack AI 177A
Student Counseling Center
574-520-4125 Information   AI 130
574-520-5051 FAX - Student Counseling Center AI 130
574-520-4125 Mental Health Counselor  Jean Henry, LMHC AI 130
574-520-4125 Mental Health Counselor  Valerie T Hinkle, LMHC AI 130F
Student Support
574-520-4164 Director, Student Support  Rick Dennie AI 104
574-520-4662 Manager, Gateway Information Center  Scotty Myers AI 105
574-520-5005 Gateway Information Center  AI Lobby
574-520-4270 Student Services Representative  Michelle Hairston AI 104X
574-520-4272 Student Services Representative  Tabitha Kingsbury AI 104X