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Indiana University

IU Southeast Departmental Listings

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812-941-2447 HelpDesk  US 212
812-941-2647 FAX  US-212
812-941-2050 Support Team Leader  Clements, S. Danny US-212A
812-941-2881 Lead Lab Consultant  Heerdink, Joseph US 212F
812-941-2157 Desktop Computer Tech  Hornung, Troy E. US-212E
812-941-2445 Systems Analyst / Functional Specialist  Klaphaak, Kirk W. CV-028B
812-941-2021 Senior Programmer Analyst  McNew, Kurt KV 110
812-941-2548 Microcomputer Technician  Mendick, Michael M. US-212E
812-941-2411 Director of IT Comm. & Support  Ray, Nicholas T. US-212
812-941-2290 Technical Services Coordinator  Rose, Wesley A. CV-040
812-941-2288 Network Systems Administrator  Shane, Daniel L. CV-034
812-941-2064 Sr. Programmer/Analyst  Turley, Michael CV-032