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General Information

9 + 9-1-1

Dial 9 + 9-1-1 to report an accident, fire, serious injury, or crime in progress that requires immediate response.

Long Distance Rates

At IUB and IUPUI, what is the rate for corporate direct-dial long distance calls?

Placing Personal Calls

Due to the tax exempt status of Indiana University, personal calls cannot be charged to the University. If it is necessary to place a personal call from a University telephone, bill it to your home telephone number or personal calling card.

Tone Definitions :

Internal Dial Tone - Heard when the handset is lifted; indicates you may call the campus operator, dial an on-campus number or activate a feature.
External Dial Tone - Heard after dialing "9"; indicates you may place a local off-campus call or long distance call.

Campus Codes

Regional Campuses
BL Bloomington
CO IUPU Columbus
EA IU East (Richmond)
FW IUPU Fort Wayne
IN IUPUI (Indianapolis)
KO IU Kokomo
NW IU Northwest (Gary)
SB IU South Bend
SE IU Southeast (New Albany)
Medical Educational Centers
BL Bloomington
FW Fort Wayne
LY Lafayette
MU Muncie
ND Notre Dame
NW Gary
TH Terre Haute
UE University of Evansville
US University of Southern Indiana

Bureau of Facilities

Indiana University Buildings - by Building Code

Area Codes

North American Numbering Plan Listings

International Dialing Codes

AT&T International Dialing Guide
How to call internationally
At IU, how do faculty and staff make long distance and international business telephone calls?