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Faculty / Staff Updates

Phone Numbers

To change phone numbers listed in this directory, log into the Employee Information task in One.IU and edit your IU Office phone number.

E-mail Address

Preferred e-mail addresses are managed via the IT Accounts website. Choose the "Manage my IU computing accounts" link, then the "Manage your e-mail", and "set your primary e-mail" links to set the default IU address.

Name Change

For a name change, go to University Human Resource Services, then click "Change Form, Personal Data". This will open the form as a PDF file. Print the form, fill it out, and submit it to your information provider as instructed on the form.

IU Office Address Change

To change the IU Office Address listed in this directory, contact the HR representative in your unit. Address corrections can only be updated by the HR representative via the Maintain Person eDoc.


Updating personal information through One.IU will take at least 24-48 hours to propagate to the Online Directory.


Updating Student Information

This directory contains only Indiana University Faculty and Staff records. All registered campus residents are listed in the IU Contact Center Directory. If you would like your name, number, or address withheld from the IU Contact Center Directory, you must complete and submit a Student Directory Exclusion Form at the Office of the Registrar.



Please submit Departmental Listing updates to the appropriate email address below. Once your updates are completed, the Directory Coordinator will contact you.

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